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10th April

Last week there was a wee bit of heat during the day, with temperatures reaching double figures.

And this heated up the tunnels nicely.

Most of the plants that have been planted in the tunnels, have just been sitting there and not doing much growing.

The Onions, Leeks and brassicas that are blocked, and sitting in their trays have pretty much been doing the same.

But with a week of heat, which has made the tunnels nice and cosy, has made a huge difference.

The mixed salad has almost doubled in size, and Erin and Calum were in hand weeding it, school holidays are great, extra workers.

If it stays warm, we should be harvesting the salad in a fortnight.

In the cosy tunnels, we had planted, spring cabbage and Kohl Rabi.

We fleeced them, as these tunnels have open ends, and not nearly as warm.

You can now see the rows of plants pushing the fleece up.

We had also planted lettuce and Rubi chard in another tunnel, these plants did not look that great with the frost we had been getting.

But now they are looking great, but the lettuce has fallen a bit behind the oriental salad mix, we usually mix them together, so the first cutting of salad bags, looks like it will only have oriental mix with no lettuce as it will be too small.

And all the blocked plants, that are sitting in their trays, in two tunnels, have doubled in size.

Again, if it does stay warm, we will be taking them out of the tunnels to get hardened of for planting, in around a fortnight.

The tunnels are looking good, and the fields are drying up.

The growing season is nearly here.

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