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  • 11th October


    That’s the courgettes finally finished for the season.

    It seems like the year has really flown by, planting them feels like it was only a few weeks ago, and now they are almost...

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  • 6th September

    This week we are putting Green Kale in the nets.

    Kale is a great crop to grow, and is very popular, most of the customers I meet at the markets buy it for two things, one is for Juicing and the...

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  • 30th August

    In the tunnels last week we direct sowed a few varieties of seed that we haven’t tried before.

    It is three different types of Radishes, they are supposed to be sown at the end of August...

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  • 23rd August


    Last week we had to make a quick change to what was going in the nets for delivering.

    We have been harvesting courgettes weekly for a while now, and they have been fantastic.


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  • 16th August


    Two weeks ago I had Calum helping me out on my Glasgow deliveries, and last week I had another youngster helping out.

    Last Friday was Breagh’s first day on the deliveries.

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  • 9th August


    At long last the Cucumber tunnel is almost ready to start growing Cucumbers for harvesting.

    This year we lost most of the crop, right at the start.  with a very late and very...

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  • 2nd August

    At the start of the planting season it was wet for weeks, and we had all our cabbage plants for the season desperate to get planted.

    After waiting and waiting for better weather to arrive, I...

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  • 26th July

     All the brassicas this year has caused us problems, well not the crop but pigeon problems.

    Usuallly, we take the fleece of off the crops, weed them with a machine then go over with the...

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  • 12th July

    Last week was a week of harvesting and weeding.

    We now have my home made bed weeder out in the field, and it will be in here working for the next couple of months, with three people on board...

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  • 5th July

     That’s the courgette harvesting started ; this job makes it really feel like summer has arrived.

    This week we are going to take all the fleece of off the brassicas again, brush weed...

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