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10th June

Last weekend brought more rain, and by Monday Morning the fields were still wet, but with the Leeks and Squash plants really needing planted, I had no option but to try and bedform wet ground.

So bedformer on, I started, I didn’t go as deep as usual and went faster than normal, and it worked to a degree.

Then we got the planter and started planting, we got two and a half rows planted around seventeen thousand leeks before the rain came on again, and it was to wet to plant.

The rain did go of again but the ground was to wet to plant, but I thought I could get the Bio degradable mulch fill layed for the Squash plants to get planted.

This went pretty well and I managed to get twelve rows down, we then got one thousand Courgette plants planted.

This weeks weather is looking more stable, and we now have all the beds formed for all of the Leeks and all of the ground ready for the Squash plants, so we should get all of these planted by Wednesday.

Weather permitting, and we do get all the planting finished by Wednesday, we will then get on to the bed weeding.

In between all the breaks with the heavy rain, we dashed into the tunnels, in here we got more weeding done, and more Salad planted and Golden ball turnips.

One other job that will be needing done pretty soon, is the Brassicas plants that are under the fleece in the field, are looking really good, and so are the weeds, so we need to get the fleece off and give them a brush weed, but we then need to re fleece them straight away, as the Pigeons are really hungry at this time of the year, they are waiting for the Oats and Barley fields to get taller and seeds on the heads, then the first rain that comes will flatten some areas and they will get in and have a feast on them, and by that time our Brassicas plants will be taller and filled out, then the pigeons wont eat them, HOPEFULLY

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