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10th May

Weather, Weather, Weather, it’s a complete headache this year.

We have had all the brassicas, red onions and normal onions, outside getting hardened of ready to be planted for two weeks now, and the weather this week looks like we are into our third week waiting to get started planting.

It’s been a wet end of April and now a wet start to May.

I had bed formed ground two weeks ago and was ready to start planting with our new planter.

But it rained and its rained and rained a wee bit more.

The only consolation is that it is cold, so the plants are just sitting there, and are actually looking pretty good.

If it was normal temperatures for this time of the year but wet the plants would be huge and desperate to get planted.

But the temperatures have been pretty cold for the time of the year, which hasn’t help to dry the field out, we need warm windy weather to dry it up enough for planting.

It does look like it might be getting drier and warmer weather by the end of this week, so hopefully we can get a start in planting in the field pretty soon.

So we have spent the last few weeks planting and weeding the tunnels, they are now looking really good and weed free.

One other job we managed to get done was re sheeting tunnel five which got destroyed in the winds a few weeks ago.

I was wondering when we would have managed to get this done, as we should have been planting.

But on Wednesday last week, we had a weather window of one day with no rain and virtually no wind.

So it was early start and we had a new sheet over tunnel five by mid-day, so that was a good job that was needing done.

Fingers crossed that the weather is wrong for this week and it starts to dry up and heat up quicker than forecasted, and hopefully we can make a start getting these plants planted.

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