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10th October

That’s all the pumpkins in of off the field, we have one thousand six hundred.

Last year we had over two thousand.

This year’s pumpkin seeds all came from Tamar seeds.

We grew two varieties one called Bellatrix this one we have never grown, and one variety we always grow Jack o Lantern.

The Bellatrix has grown well with the usual two Pumpkins per plant, and they weigh in from around 2 kilos to 10 kilos, nice sizes.

The Jack o Lantern pumpkins are a bigger pumpkin, usually we get two per plant and they usually weigh over 10 kilos, with some up to 15 kilos.

This year all the Jack o Lantern plants only had one pumpkin per plant, so this is why we have a bit less than last year. but they are all huge, 15 to 19 kilos.

I don’t have any answers as to why we only got one per plant, and why they are huge.

Both varieties were planted in the same field beside each other.

Possibly the Jack o Lantern seed was different from our usual seed company, or it was just the long dry spell followed by monsoon weather.

We have taken them all up to an area beside the tunnels, and they are all on pallets, this way it will help turn them more orange, and the pallets keeps them of off the ground and lets the air get round them, hopefully stopping any from rotting, which they can do sitting on wet soil.

We are now going to have a come and pick your own pumpkins over two weekends.

Sunday the 16th October and Sunday the 23rd October 12 to 4 pm.

And because they are right beside the tunnels, you can have a walk round, have a look in the tunnels and see all the machinery that I keep talking about,

And the tractors will be washed and sitting out for the kids to get a sit on.

So fingers crossed the weather holds.

If you can’t make any of those weekends, we can still deliver pumpkins along with you veg order, you will just need to phone in or place an order through the web page.

Usually we have one painted sign at the road end, drawn then painted by Erin and Calum.

But this year they have went to town we now have four.

And Erin has painted a very elaborate sign for the car parking.

Hopefully we will see some of you over those weekends.

We will have Pumpkins at the markets for sale

Farmers Markets

Glasgow (Mansfield park) 9th October

Edinburgh (castle terrace) 16th October

Glasgow Mansfield park) 23rd October

Perth (south inch carpark) extra market 30th October

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