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10th September

Last week we Rotovated then rolled two two tunnels and planted two thousand five hundred lettuce, three thousand five hundred red Kohl Rabi and half a bed of flat Parsley about three thousand plants, we still have the same amount of Parsley to plant but ran out of room, hopefully this week we will get the rest is as we are harvesting the next break of Lettuce and that will give us some room.
I ordered just under thirty thousand seeds last week for a wee trial, which hopefully should be ready for harvesting around December time, if they germinate and grow well enough in the tunnel.
These seeds are Red Pack Choi, normal Pack Choi, Chicory, Spring onions, Palco Spinach and Coriander, all these varieties are winter hardy and don't need high temperatures to germinate.
In the deliveries this week we are going to start harvesting the Sweetcorn, there aren't as many cobs per plant as usual this year, we have taken a few home and cooked them to make sure they are properly ready, well as usual they are very sweet but there were a few cobs that weren't fully formed, with some mornings last week only being 4 degrees it's time that we started to harvest them as they don't like the frost.
They are a tricky crop to harvest because we can only cut the cobs that feel full through their outer leaf, and we can't really peel them back to have a look because the sweetcorn would get damaged before it arrives at your door, so fingers crossed we do a good job harvesting the sweetcorn for you this week.
With the drop in temperatures over night it looks like the Courgettes and Cucumbers are nearing a end, this week we only harvested 140 kilo of Courgettes we have been harvesting that each day over the summer, but I think we will still be harvesting both crops till at least the end of September, but not getting great volumes.

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