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11th June

So far the flying hawk kite we bought has been keeping the pigeons away, and it had been working so well we got another 2 to keep the other one company, but pigeons are clever and if I don’t keep moving the kite's about they will soon swoop down and start gobbling the brassicas.
In the past we used netts to cover the brassicas crops after we had the fleece of, and it worked great for about three years, at the start the pigeons would fly over take a look then of they went, but one pigeon that must have been to Cambridge uni managed to fathom out that it could land on top of a cabbage under the nett it wouldn't get stuck, and it did then started gobbling away, 10 minutes later all it's family and friends had joined the party, so the netts had been unlocked, so we might try a wee mix of both.
The reason I’m on about the pigeons now is that we have started the bed weeding, and with the great warm dry weather we are having it couldn't be going better, and all the weeds are dying off as we pull them out, and we only have a couple of days and all the brassicas crops will be finished, which is where the problem arrives, if there are lots of weeds the pigeons won't land, but now its really clean and only brassica plants and no weeds there is plenty of room for them to land.
So hopefully this week we will make a start on weeding the swede and beetroot then its onto the onions and leeks.
Inside the tunnels its been hot hot hot we can't tell what temperature it is because the thermometer only goes to 50 and some days when its been hitting 24 outside and there has been no wind, by the afternoon the gauge is above the marker, if there is a wee breeze and all the doors are open it drops to between 30 and 40.
The Cucumbers and Chillies are loving all this heat, but I’m needing to put up crop bars so we can let them climb up, but inside the tunnels it's been to hot to get that done, because to make it worse iv to stand on top of a ladder to attach the crop bars to the roof of the tunnel, so hopefully I’ll get that done this week.

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