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11th November


 Last week we took of the polythene of off one of our 60-meter tunnels.

At the start of the planting season this year, we had a day of really strong winds, and this tunnel was full of veg, and it took a huge battering and tore. we couldn’t re sheet it with it being full of veg, so I taped it up, and it managed to make it through the season.

But the tear was over 4 tunnel hoops, and wouldn’t make it through the winter.

So now the tunnel is just hoops and waiting for us to prep it up and get it all ready for a new sheet.

I would usually start straight away and get the tunnel ready and the trench dug for the polythene arriving.

But Neil our van driver, who has been with us for years, has just informed us that he is moving onto pastures new, unfortunately with only one week’s notice, so my winter repair projects will need to be put on hold for the meantime.

So from the 18th of November, I will be delivering your veg, unless we can get a new driver pretty soon, so if there is anyone that doesn’t receive their veg delivery, after the 18th please phone, in the past I have noticed, that sometimes instructions haven’t been left, of places where the veg should be left, or directions if an address is tricky to find.

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