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11th October

That’s the courgettes finally finished for the season.

It seems like the year has really flown by, planting them feels like it was only a few weeks ago, and now they are almost finished.

They have produced a great crop this year, which was doubtful because they got of to a cold wet start, but then the weather changed and they were in nice warm weather for most of their season.

We have harvested just over five hundred kilos of courgettes to date and we will still get a couple of crates a week right up until the first real frost.

So now out in the field we are onto harvesting the winter vegetables, although we still have our Pumpkins and some Spaghetti squash to harvest.   

We are planning on lifting the pumpkins pretty soon and storing them in a tunnel, just in case the frost arrives.

But the delay is me, I am needing to get re greased, broken bits re welded and duct tape up ripped muscles.

Yes, I was out playing on my downhill mountain bike two weeks ago, and crashed resulting in broken rib, damaged knee, shoulder, and skin on my back that looks like it has been sandpapered.

Luckily, I was on the mend and harvesting was getting easier.

Perfect I though on the mend.

Until Tuesday evening.

Well Calum has a Skateboard and Erin just got one, but it wasn’t turning properly.

So after asking google how to sort it,   I was now an expert.

I was in the garage tweaking the bolts, then standing on it to see if it was good.

Yes, it was getting better, quite an expert skateboard fixer I’m thinking.

Until, and this is where I quickly became a very non expert Skateboarder.

I put my left foot on the front and then went to stand on the back with my right foot.

But as I lifted my right foot up, the skateboard shot forward, (remember the ground is flat.)

So my left foot shot forward, still stuck on the skateboard, and my right foot landed on the floor almost in the splits,     Then I felt a sharp sudden pain in my groin.

So now I have a torn groin muscle, damaged knee and shoulder, broken rib and sandpapered back, luckily it is all on my right hand.                                                                                  Now I am walking around like a duck with a broken leg with no feathers on its back.

I’m not taking up skateboarding any time soon.

Hopefully next week we will get the Pumpkins and stored.

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