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12th April

Erin and Calum are on easter holidays so two extra pair of hands. Fairly helped out with getting extra jobs done.

The first job they done was finishing of the fruit area we have been busy on.

I had bought another dozen soft fruit bushes, so they were needing planted.

We now have twenty-four fruit bushes, these are Blueberries, Blackcurrant and Gooseberries.

And one of our customers very kindly gave us another six apple trees, that he had sitting with no where to go, so we now have thirty apple trees.

We also have three hundred Raspberry canes already planted.

And we dug up another twenty-four Rhubarb plants that have popped up from an old area, and re transplanted them beside the others we have planted, and we now have a rhubarb area in with three hundred Rhubarb plants.

So was an old area, that we had never used, before now has six hundred and fifty-four plants in here, so hopefully its going to look pretty good and productive when everything stats growing, just need the snow to stop now and the temperatures to rise.

After the fruit / orchard area was finished, it was onto planting in the tunnels.

We had two thousand lettuce plants needing planted, so we planted them in one tunnel, then finished of last weeks cabbage, that we had started planting, two thousand of these still needed planted, then lastly three thousand ruby chard plants, so the tunnels are getting full.

It’s been a busy week of looking after the courgettes that we have blocked, they hate the frost, and it’s been pretty cold -5 some nights, so we need to pull the fleece over them at nights, we have two thousand blocked, so we really don’t want to lose them.

And with the six thousand five hundred squash plants still to be blocked, we made a start on these, again its constant care in covering them up at night, hopefully that’s the cold coming to an end.

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