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12th February

The weather has been nice and cold perfect for getting out Skiing with Erin and Calum (my 7 and 5 year olds) but not so good for our plants that are planted and the Pak Choy that is still waiting to get planted, but surprisingly they are looking pretty good, they have been hit with a few days of well below zero last Tuesday was -8, and a couple of weeks ago minus-10 and its been like that throughout most of the winter, Apart from being fantastic for winter sports, its also great for the ground to get a good frosting, especially the ploughed ground, hopefully killing of some of the weeds.
I was saying last week that we had started the blocking and that I was planning on starting on the Onions and leeks but I’m going to hold of for another week, it won't make to much of a difference holding out a wee bit longer. When we do start the onions and leeks, we do so much that we can't fit them into the hot box tunnel like where we had with the blocked seeds from last week, because there isn't enough room, with the first batch of these seeds there will be one hundred and sixty thousand seeds and we will need to use eight hundred and eighty trays, so these will need to go in a prepared polytunnel, and in here it will be pretty cold at night, Leeks and onion seeds will germinate around 7 degrees and the tunnel will stay around that if its around 2-3 degrees outside, but the forecast is still pretty cold.
With holding of on the blocking, I managed to get our John deer tractor's front wheel re built, a few months ago the front wheel bearings collapsed, I had it sitting stripped down and new bearings in place, so last week I put on the new seals bolted it all back up wheel on new oil and its raring to go.

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