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12th February

The seeds we had blocked have now germinated.

So far, we have, spring cabbage, Ruby chard and spinach blocked they were all put in the greenhouse.

It is only a 6 foot by 4-foot greenhouse so not very big, but we did get it for free.

We have two tables in in each table has two shelves.

And a good wee heater, that we have coming on if it gets below 5.

So, with them filled and if we stack some on the floor, we can get 11 thousand seeds in trays in it.

But it is very tight, and the trays we have stacked, are very hard to water.

We must take them outside, water them then re stack them.

Not very ideal.

So, with these plants germinated, we moved them into the small tunnel.

Last year I made two long tables ither side of this tunnel with pallets.

This tunnel is only about 50 feet long and 12 feet wide.

But ideal for bringing on plants.

Over the pallet tables we made hoops out of piping and we can pull fleece over them creating a closh, this helps keep the seedlings cosy.

This week coming we have 10 thousand spring onion seeds arriving, half red and half normal.

These will be going into the greenhouse.

And to solve the stacking problem, we have taken out the tables.

And I have built four pallet tables with five shelves, we can now get 12 thousand blocked seeds in trays, in the greenhouse, with no need to take trays outside to water.

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