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12th September

As you can see from the photo the Pak Choi we planted in the tunnel on the 10th of October is coming on fantastic.
It has had some braw warm weather but also a few nights of below zero, we had sown the Pak Choi seed hoping that we would get a nice fresh reviving veg around Christmas time, when we are harvesting mostly seasonal root veg.
But we order seeds from mostly Kings seeds and Elsoms seeds these companies are in south England and their climate is a wee bit warmer so I wasn't sure if it would work.
But as you can see from the photo (on the web page in Organic blog) that they are growing well, I have gave them a couple of feeds of seaweed and they will be due for a hand weed pretty soon, and hopefully they shouldn't get attacked by any pesky beasties at this time of the year.
We do have fleece on standby just in case the temperature really does drop, we are still trying to get on with finishing of planting the rest of the plants and we are getting there, but we have been busier than usual at this time of the year.
What we have planted are Spring Cabbage, Tatso, four thousand of the eight thousand Spring Onions, one thousand of the three thousand Chicory still to be planted are five thousand giant over winter Celery, the Celery has been waiting till we got all the Cucumber and Chillies pulled out of the tunnel and the ridge bars down, these are now down so we now need to lift the matting and get it rotovated and rolled.
Out in the fields we have now finished all the Pumpkins and Squashes, apart from one variety that we only have a couple of hundred left they are a new variety we tried this year Marina di Chioggia and they seem to be pretty hardy and look pretty much untouched with the colder weather.

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