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13th February

This week we prepared two tunnels, for the start of the huge volumes of seeds we are just away to start blocking.

Each tunnel is fifty meters by eight meters wide.

In one, we usually put all the Leeks and onions, around two hundred and fifty thousand seeds, which is, One thousand, Seven hundred and Thirty-Six trays.

Each tray has One hundred and forty-four cells, hopefully giving us One hundred and forty-four wee plants.

In the other tunnel we do the same amount, but these are different varieties brassicas, salads, Squash and cucumber seeds.

Then out in the field some seeds can be direct sown onto the soil, these are Carrots, Beetroot, Swede and Parsnips, the total amount of these seeds is around one million.

These seeds are very small, if we were to do one acre of carrots, which is around the size of Hampden Park football pitch, you would need One Million carrot seeds.

The first job for preparing the tunnel for the trays of seeds, is to get the sides strimmed, then rotovate the soil, then we roll the rotovated ground, hopefully leaving us with a nice even base, and finally we roll out some ground cover, to prevent the pesky weeds from coming through.

The last job is to take of the sprinklers and start up the water pump, this will clear any debris, that has been sitting in the irrigation through the winter, this will clog up the sprinklers, then sprinklers back on and test everything.

One last thing.

We are very reluctantly, going to have to put our prices up.

We have tried to hold off, hoping that things might start to calm down just a wee bit, but unfortunately, they have not.

Everything from the thousands off seeds we buy right the way through the whole business to the seeds growing and becoming nice and fresh veg arriving at your door has gone up in price.

So, from the 1st week in March the nets and goodie bag shall go up by £1.00, and the fruit bags by £0.50.

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