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13th May


 Last week the weather wasn’t the best, with morning temperatures of 2 degrees and rain, but with us well on the way with planting out in the field, it was a great chance to get on with tunnel work.

Our first job was to weed the salad bag tunnel, the salad leaves have been a wee bit slow in coming on this year, but at long last they are ready, and we have used a different variety this year and they taste braw.

Next job was to plant the New variety of Courgettes I am trying in the big cosy tunnel, we only planted two hundred and fifty, they are hopefully going to give us some nice tasty courgettes early, before the two thousand courgettes that get planted out in the field, which we just blocked of last Friday.

And we also planted two hundred and fifty French beans in the cosy tunnel, both of these crops are about one month earlier than last year, thanks to our new greenhouse, which helped us bring the seeds on earlier.

And one last job we managed to get done, was prepare the tunnel for the Cucumbers that are ready for planting again around one month earlier than usual thanks to the greenhouse.

The weather did eventually clear by the weekend, and the field dried out, so Sunday was spent preparing the field for for planting the brassicas crops, which we get planted this week.

Calum was with me all Sunday, he is 6 now and loves the tractor work, so on Sunday he managed on his own with the big John Deere tractor to use the triple k and work the ground, he was managing to lift the triple k and the end on the field turn round and drop it again and carry on, I have posted a video of him doing this on our facebook site,

So this weeks work is to plant the twenty nine thousand brassicas plants, then hopefully get the two hundred and fifty Cucumbers planted.

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