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13th May

After last week and getting all the brassicas planted, I thought that was us on the way to getting the planting season fully on its way.

But Sunday night and in came more heavy rain.

Monday and Tuesday were nice warm days, but not enough to dry out the soaking wet field so no planting.

I was planning on making a start planting the onions and leeks.

And I was confident by Wednesday morning I could bedform and we would be planting.

But through the night on Tuesday there must have been another huge downpour, and the field was soaking again, back to the start.

So, it was tunnel work, we then turned our attention to the cucumbers and courgettes.              I had two hundred and fifty courgettes ready, which I was going to plant in the field.

These are just a wee batch of early ones we done, and they did survive the frosts, we still have another 1,500 to go in the field.

And the usual two hundred and fifty cucumbers

By Friday we had all the cucumbers and courgettes planted.

And the field had dried out.

Friday night and Saturday I had the bed forming back under way.

But there is more rain forecast for this coming week.

And thunder and lightening on Sunday night.

So, we had a family day out, and went planting onions, we got thirty thousand in by 4pm and still no rain, so I changed machines and direct sowed swede seeds.

Just as I was coming out of the field the heavens opened and down came the rain.

Luckily so far it has not rained as much as it was forecast.

So hopefully this week if the weather holds, we will get all the onions and early leeks planted.

This will only leave the late leeks, winter brassicas and squash plants.

Last year we got everything planted with no hiccups, but then we had over a month with hot weather, every day over 20 and zero rain.

This year we have had a few hot days and lots of rain.

It has been harder to get ground ready and start planting.

But the plants that are planted are coming on great.

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