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One of the jobs this week was rotovating three of the tunnels and getting them ready for the five thousand Purple sprouting Broccoli and five thousand over winter Cabbage seeds that we blocked, they are in the wee hot box tunnel, which is nice and cosy and are coming one great. We should be looking at planting them in the next couple of weeks, these will then sit over the winter and should be ready for harvesting around March / April next year, all depending how harsh a winter we get, I have seen us in the past loosing the lot after a long period of very cold weather, but we haven't had that for a wee while.
One of the tunnels we rotovated was the 90 metre cosy tunnel in here we planted seven thousand five hundred broad bean seeds, these again will sit over the winter and should produce nice taste beans around March next year, the great thing about broad beans is that they don't take any feeding out of the soil and they put nitrogen back into the soil great for the following seasons plants, so even if the crop doesn't produce beans for any reason it is still a great green compost for future plants.
Out in the field we will also put in around three acre of beans, and I will be getting ready to plough the ground they are going into as soon as we have harvested the last of the Red Cabbage, the beans in the field will be ready for harvesting around one month later than the ones in the tunnel.
Another job that had to be tackled this week was cutting back last years 125 Raspberry canes and tying up the new ones that have grown and getting them ready for producing next year, They are a new crop we tried two years ago, the first year we didn't get very much raspberries but last year we got 600 punnets, and with the growth of new shoots this year its looking really good for next year so hopefully everyone will get some, and because we have managed to maintain them I am away to order more new canes,
the ones we have in at the moment are mid season Raspberries, so I’m away to order another 125 early season and 125 late season ones this should extend our harvesting from one month to three months, and we are also going to try our hand out in the Strawberry growing and I’m looking at ordering around 125 of these, and it'll be the same as the Raspberries I know nothing about them, so it'll be a steep learning curve.

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