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14th August


There is not a lot to write about this week.

It has been quite a quiet week.

We planted five thousand Kohl Rabi out in the field on Tuesday, these were supposed to be getting planted in a tunnel.

But with the unusually cool July and beginning of August, the tunnel crops have not shot on as they would usually do, which would then let me rotovate out a tunnel and get the Kol Rabi planted.

The Cucumbers at this time of the year, would usually be needing tied up, and side shoots cut of at least twice a week, but we are only needing them done once a week and not a lot of side shoots needing cut off.

Usually if I leave them for a week at this time of the year, they would have turned the tunnel into a re make of the amazon forest.

So, when everyone is complaining about the weather and guessing that is it has been a cooler Summer than usual, all we need to do is look at the crops, they tell us straight away.

With the last week of the summer holidays on us Erin and Calum have been out every morning harvesting.

So last week all your onions, leeks, kale, and Cabbage were harvested form my pair.

I think they are mainly thinking about their bank accounts rather than helping me out.

But they have been a great help throughout the holidays.

Out in the fields, that is the onions and leeks had their last bed weed.

We now only have a wee bit of beetroot to do.

But the bed weeder is not quite ready to get parked up for the year just yet.

With all the purple sprouting broccoli, and Cauliflower planted, we will need to get the fleece of them, and I will go throw with the camera guided weeder, then we will bed weed them.

These should only need done once at this time of the year, but we will leave the bed weeder out just in case we do need to go over them just one more time.


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