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14th February

It has been a busy week clearing up all the bent tunnel hoops, repairing what we can and prepping three tunnels to be ready for re sheeting.

I have ordered a new tunnel to replace the wrecked one, and there is a story to that.

I had been pricing up a tunnel to replace the wrecked one, and the prices were very expensive and delivery times were over three months.

But I was sitting one morning not thinking about tunnels and First tunnels popped into my head.

This company hadn’t done large tunnels in the past, but I had guided a few people to them for household tunnels, which ended up with me helping to build them and sheet them, and they were fantastic to work with.

So I phoned and yes, they were doing large tunnels.

The Tunnels were destroyed on January the 29th.

By February the 1st we had everything pretty much sorted out.

On February the 2nd I had ordered a tunnel from first tunnels.

And to my surprise it arrived at the farm on the 10th February, amazing considering from everyone else I wouldn’t be getting one till the end of April.

So now we have the wrecked tunnel site completely cleared and it is ready to build the new one.

So now we will get the three tunnels that are still standing fully ready to re sheet if the weather is calm, and in between we will start building the new one.

And in amongst doing all that Rab will be making a start on blocking seeds.

Next week he will block of ten thousand spring cabbage, these will be getting put in the heated greenhouse to bring them on, then get planted in a tunnel, so we can get an early crop.

We did have a tunnel full of ten thousand spring cabbage, but unfortunately, they were in a tunnel that now has no sheet, and the pigeons are eating it, luckily, we managed to harvest some although they were a bit on the wee side.

Another tunnel now has no sheet was the Ruby Chard tunnel, so this one I will try and get a sheet on as soon as possible.

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