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14th January

2019 has started warm and dry unusual at this time of the year, and I started ploughing the field which is as dry as it would be in springtime.

Every year I get the ploughing started in January and this way it lets the newly ploughed ground to sit a wee while and the frost breaks it down and hopefully kills of any weed seed hiding away.

I also always have to wait till a frosty week arrives before I can get started ploughing because the field is usually wet in the winter months not this year.

Around about mid December I ordered 30 tonne of blocking compost and the first of this years seeds for blocking, and they both arrived last week, so this week we are going to block of the first seeds of the year.

I ordered sixty thousand early Leek seed, but we will just block of twenty thousand and put them in the hot box tunnel, because i’m pretty sure winter will arrive soon and the big tunnel we use for bringing on the seeds would be far to cold.

But in the wee hot box tunnel we have heated cable that we can put on if the temperature really drops.

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