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14th June

The first job we had to get done last week was planting the squash plants, with all the leeks at long last planted, the squash plants are the last to need planted.

So at the start of the week I had the bed former on the John Deere,  this would be our border collie pup Breagh’s first full day in the John Deere.

Freoch spent 15 years with me ither in the tractor or walking beside it.

And every time she got in the tractor she would climb up and get on my seat.

Well Breagh has taken over her roll, yes, she climbed on my seat, there is plenty room on the floor but both enjoy the seat much more.

After the bed forming, I had to lay more biodegradable mulch film. This we plant the squash plants through.

And at long last we have all the main squash plants planted, it’s been a long hard season planting this year with the really wet May, but thankfully we are finished.

This year we also sowed a few trays of a new variety of Squash plants, these we will plant in the big cosy tunnel.

I didn’t want to do to many, as they are a trial this year, but if they go well, we will add them to the varieties we already grow.

After the planting was done, it was time to start the brush weeding of the field crops, as soon as this job starts, everyone knows the bed weeding is the next job on the agenda.

Bed weeding is basically lying face down on beds which are attached to a machine which slowly drives down the beds, there are three beds for three people and they hand weed around each plant as they go, the brush weeder takes out most of the weeds but around the plant still needs to be done.

This job lasts most of the summer, and it is the only way to weed organic crops, it is much easier than before when we were on our hands and knees.

This week we have a lot of tunnel week to get on with, loads more weeding and planting needing done.

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