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14th March

Then I came home to good Scottish weather, not good for re sheeting tunnels I am thinking, as I blast down my muddy field.

So last week was spent measuring out the area for the new tunnel.

I already had the first two legs in place and the first hoop up.

But the most important part is getting the bottom ones in the correct, from here the rest of the legs and hoops will fall into place.

But if the bottom ones are out of line, we will have a squint tunnel.

It is a wee tad trickier when the tunnel length is 50 meters long.

But eventually after a bit of calculations and the odd swear word it is all ready to go.

This week I have hired a mini digger, so I will get the trenches dug around the two tunnels that need their polythene earthed in, and I am going to use the mini digger to dig all the holes for the 54 legs that need put in place for the new tunnel.

Then it is the waiting, for a nice break in the weather, so we can get the polythene on and get  the tunnels.

With the spring cabbage seeds that we had sown growing rapidly, and the main blocking of seeds starting this week, we are now at a point where we are needing to get the four destroyed tunnels re sheeted.

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