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14th November

Thats been another week of unseasonably warm weather, 16 degrees most days, the weeds in the tunnels are still growing, and this week we will need to do a bit of weeding in there.

All the main crop seeds have arrived along with six tonnes of compost.

I always like to get everything in and ready before December, and depending on the weather at the turn of the year, we are prepared to start blocking.

With the weather we are having now, it is itchy feet to start a few things.

But no, we will wait till the turn of the year.

At this time of the year, after the harvesting is all done, it is repair jobs and tidying up.

All the tunnel doors were needing repaired, they had polythene on them, but that lets the water sit in and eventually rots the doors, so we have taken all the polythene of, and repaired any rotten wood, and replaced the doors with nett, thai way they should last a wee while longer.

Our demo bedformer that we eventually bought last year needs its seventy four blades changed, these blades are what churn up the soil leaving a nice smooth bed for the plants to be planted into.

We also have a small twenty metre tunnel that we use to bring plants on early in the year, because it is so small it retains the heat.

In this tunnel we had twenty eight one ton potato boxes.

These we turned upside down, and we would lay out the trays of plants  on them.

But from years of watering the boxes were getting a bit rotten.

So out they had to come, new ground cover matting in place, and now it's the job of making two, twenty metre long by one metre wide tables.

So when you walk in the tunnel door, there will be a passage down the middle and a twenty metre table at each side, when it is finished we can fit fifty thousand plants in here.

So my plan is to use pallets we have hundreds sitting around.

So there is a nice list of jobs to get through, and before we know it we will be blocking season.

and the small tunnel will be getting filled with seeds.

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