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14th october


Last week after we had finished harvesting for the run’s,  We went straight to the onions.

We had six rows of white onions to lift, and four of red, so we were looking at lifting around eleven and a half tonnes of onions.                                                                                                    We have lifted all the white onions, all by hand, and at a very rough count, that is around sixteen thousand white onions, lifted and in the tunnel.

This week we will get all the red onions lifted and stored in the tunnel.

And hopefully in here they will keep really well, because they will be nice and dry and away from Jack Frost.

On to the Pumpkins, last week I started to harvest some, just for customers that get a £21 delivery, and it isn’t looking like a good crop.

This week I will be harvesting Pumpkins for customers that get a £17 delivery, Then after that I’m not sure if there will be very much left, definitely not enough for everyone, so if you do want a Pumpkin please let us know, and likewise if you don’t want one again please let us know.

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