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15th August

It’s the last week of the school holidays. And there are a few jobs that I have been waiting to finish of when Erin and Calum were back at school.

One was to finish of the new tunnel that we had built, it is still waiting to get the polythene on doors made and irrigation done.

Although the school holidays, wasn’t really to blame for that not getting finished.

When we finally got all the tunnel bolted up and ready for sheeting, planting in the field had started, and following that every day is spent weeding.

The new weeding machine helped a lot this year, as I could go down most nights and get the weeding done, ready for bed weeding the next day.

At this time of the year every morning for 7am to 12 is spent harvesting,

This leaves the afternoons free to get on with other jobs.

There is a lot of strimming around the tunnels, topping the grass around the apple trees, keeping the weeder going and constantly re planting tunnels as they are harvested.

And we have not had time to re sheet the shed roof that all the tools, blocking machine tools are kept.

It got blowen of with the January storm that wrecked quite a lot.

All we done was nailed polythene on with batons, to keep it water tight.

This will need to be taken of and roof repaired.

So we have a lot of jobs to keep us occupied when field bed weeding is finished, this job should be finished by Wednesday, depending on the forecasted thunder storms.

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