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15th December

With the start of the new year we have had our Auld Fergie tractor's diesel freeze in the middle of the field as we were harvesting, and one of our tunnels has a huge rip caused by a storm over night.

So its been eventfull start to the new year, we have had a couple of  weeks with temperatures dropping below -10, this has destroyed the remaining mid season Leeks, but we do have 60 thousand winter bandit leeks which are perfectly ok these can handle the cold weather, unlike our Auld Fergie tractor which came to a standstill one morning as we were harvesting, it was below -10 and its diesel froze which left us stuck, we then had to use the wheelbarrow to get everything of the field.

The reason we ended up using wheelbarrows is that just before we went of for a week after Christmas the front wheel bearing collapsed, so I now have this stripped and ready to be repaired when the new parts arrive.

Another morning as we arrived at work I could see polythene flapping in the wind, it had been a stormy night so it wasn't a complete surprise to find one tunnel ripped, we usually do have to re sheet a couple of tunnels each year so it isn't a complete disaster.

So we have now had 3 disasters already and as the saying goes everything comes in threes, so at least we got that out of the way at the start of the year.



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