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15th February

Last week was a real struggle to get the harvesting done.

We ended up with knee deep snow and minus 17, just finding the leeks was hard enough.

Erin and Calum were in to help out, but that making snow angels in the snow was more productive.

Luckily it had been windy and had blown a some of the snow away, so eventually we could see the tops of the leeks, but they were frozen solid when we got to them.

And as for the beetroot and neeps, we had no chance of finding them.

And the wee bit of kale we thought we might have left, was finally gobbled up by the Pigeons, Deer, Hares, Rabbits and any other wildlife that happened to be passing, even the animals that are only carnivores popped in for a afternoon lunch break, it looked like we had opened up a wild life sanctuary at one point.

All of our delivery areas last week were hit with a huge amount of snow, so we do apologise if you never got your delivery last week.

Usually when the weather is really bad, it doesn’t affect the whole week, but last week the only day that was okay was the Glasgow deliveries, but they are on a Friday and the snow had calmed down, but the temperatures were still really low.

Also another problem that we can’t remedy but only apologise for, is frozen fruit and veg.

With the temperatures being that cold all day, in the back of the vans it can be like a freezer, and some of the fruit and veg can’t stand freezing temperatures and don’t fare well.

This week the weather is turning a bit milder so hopefully all deliveries will be made and no one will get any veg that is frozen.

Last week I was saying that we had started the blocking, and in the greenhouse was a tropical 10 degrees, which is fantastic, but we haven’t managed to water them for over a week now as all the pipes are frozen, and with the heat of the greenhouse which these seeds need the compost that they are in has dried up.

So we should get them watered this week, then we will just need to wait and see what the growth is like.

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