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15th March

In the blocking tunnel we have the start of the main field crops seeds germinated. The red and white onions have germinated and up.                                              We have ninety thousand of those, right behind them are the early leeks and mid-season leeks one hundred and forty thousand of those leeks,  and the early leeks are starting to push through the compost.

This tunnel is sixty meters long and fourteen wide it is now full.

We filled the tunnel at the end of the week with trays of seeds that have been in the greenhouse, and the small tunnel, all these plants have four leaves on them, and will soon be ready for planting in the tunnels, so we moved them out of the heat, to harden them of in readiness for planting in the tunnels.

And we straight away re filled the greenhouse with three thousand ruby chard seeds that we had blocked in the trays.

With this tunnel now full, we then prepare another tunnel for the rest of the blocked seed trays.

We still have the late season leeks and all of the brassicas to get blocked.

Then lastly the courgettes, pumpkin and squash plants all need to get done.

When these are done, we will have a second tunnel full of seeds.

Last week I was on about the area that we were preparing for the apple trees, raspberry canes and rhubarb these are all planted now, and I did eventually get some fruit bushes, we now have six gooseberry, six blackberry and six blue berry bushes, but we couldn’t get them planted as the ground saturated, so hopefully this week it will dry out a wee bit, and we will get them planted, then I will have a look at what room we have left, and possibly buy the same amount again, so this acre of ground that was never used before, should hopefully be a good area and produce lots of tasty soft fruits and apples for years to come.

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