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15th May

It has been a good week of Weather with some nice dry warm weather.

This helped us to get all the brassicas planted.

We now have all the Cabbages, Kale and Brussel sprouts planted, a total of eighty thousand plants.

Next week we will start planting the Leeks and Onions, these will take around two weeks, there is two hundred and forty thousand of those.

Over the weekend I hope to get all the Parsnips and beetroot direct sown.

And on Monday we will direct sow the Swede, these will need to be fleeced straight away, there is an invisible swede flee that eats all the seeds.

We were also hoping, not have to pull fleece over the brassica’s crops, as there has been no pigeons in sight, everyone all around is sowing grass seed and Barley, the pigeons love that.

But within two days and they were in and nibbling away, and if we leave them, they will phone all their mates and be having a brassicas pigeon party, and they will destroy everything, so we had to get the fleece on.

This is the one thing that is really annoying, there are farmers all around us that grow brassicas, and in a much larger scale, and they are for supermarkets, so need to be perfect, how do they manage with no fleece.

The only difference, is they spray with chemicals and we don’t, are the pigeons that bright.

Another protection of seeds we had to do last week, was to make another raised table out of pallets for the two thousand Uchi Kuri squash seeds.

We had sown two thousand Bon Bon squash seeds in their trays, and the mice had overnight eaten most of them overnight, so we had to re do those.

The small tunnel that we have for just bringing plants on has a table at each side of the tunnel made from pallets.

But it is full of squash seeds, there is six thousand in there.

And no room for more, but that is the squash seeds now done or re done.

As soon as we have finished planting in the field, we will be straight onto planting the Courgette and squash plants.

Then is just harvesting and weeding.

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