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15th October

I had great plans at the start of last week to get two tunnels rotavated and planted, and it all started well until in the second tunnel then bang the rotavator stopped.
So up to the shed and and of with the rotavator and figure out the problem, eventually after a strip down of the side casing it was revealed that the three cogs that turn the rotavator blades had seized, luckily none were broken so it was a complete dismantle and clean then into Perth for gear oil and gasket sealant, eventually after full clean and grease and everything bolted back up we were ready to go again Rotavator working perfect, but I had lost just over four hours in this repair job.
So eventually we did get a start on Planting the Pak choy but not as much as had planed, hopefully we will get more in this week but I’m of with Erin and Calum so it's all down to Rab.
We still have Pumpkins left in the field but we hadn't planned to put any more out with the netts, so if you would like some more please just ask.
And this week we are putting neeps in the netts so if you want to go back to the old fashioned way of carving out a neep for halloween you now have one, or again you can ask for a huge neep for halloween we do have some monsters in the field so i'd be more than happy to harvest one for you as they are to huge for the netts.

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