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16th April

At long last the weather is starting to heat up and the tunnels are getting warm, This week we will be starting to harvest our Pak Choy from one tunnel and the Kohl rabi, Lettuce and Spinach is looking really good under the fleece in the big tunnel. Out in the field the broad beans are now coming on fast, which is amazing as we thought they would never have survived the long cold spell with some temperatures below -10, but they have, we have lost a few, but we sowed 10 beds which are 250 metres long in the field at the end of October, so we should still have plenty left.
The Broad beans have two purposes they give us nice tasty beans, but the plant fixes nitrogen back into the soil so they are a really good over winter crop for replemishing the soil.
The Seeds that we have sitting in there module trays in the tunnels are all looking really good but this year we will be around two weeks later than last year befor we start planting them.
Last year we started planting on the 17th of April, which means we would have taken all the plants out of the tunnels around the 10th of April to harden them of.
This year we started the seed blocking at the same time as last year but the plants are not ready to come out of the tunnel yet, if the weather does heat up like they are saying this week i think we will be taking them, out around the week of the 23rd and possibly start planting at the beginning of May.
So as we are waiting for the plants to get a wee big bigger, I think we will start blocking of the Courgette seeds and hope we don't get any more frost, and also this week if we can get a windless day get the tunnel re sheeted and get some salads sown in it.

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