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16th August

Two weeks ago I had Calum helping me out on my Glasgow deliveries, and last week I had another youngster helping out.

Last Friday was Breagh’s first day on the deliveries.

Freoch had been on the deliveries with me for fifteen years, but with all the dog thefts going on, I wanted to leave Breagh till she was a wee bit older, and fit to run up every tenement me.

She is now five and a half months old, and loved her day out.

When I arrived in Glasgow she was looking out of the window. And I would love to have known what she was thinking. Her head was tilting left and right up and down ears back then forward.

Usually she gets in the van to go to the field, mountain biking or paddleboarding with Erin and Calum.

So her Friday morning was a wee bit unusual for her, as she got out of the van for her first delivery.

Her first tenement stair was a laugh, she stopped dead in her tracks when I started going up the stairs, but after a wee bit of encouragement and she fine.

If I still had Freoch when all this dog snatching was going on, I wouldn’t have had any worries about leaving her in the van.

I used to leave her in the van with the windows down in the hot weather, and I would deliver away,

But if you went to get in the van with Freoch in the passenger seat, she would let you know very quickly that it wouldn’t be the best plan you had ever made.

But outside the van, she was perfectly ok.

Breagh on the other hand wants to be everyone’s best friend, she would probably invite you in, and then sit on your knee as you drove away in my van.

Back to the farm, and out in the field that’s all the summer workers away back to high school, and all the bed weeding is done.

So now its back to just Me, Rab and Breagh,

Our main jobs are now harvesting as usual in the morning, this now will take us till 12, then it will be all tunnel work, the tunnels will be getting harvested then re planted right into October.

So there will always be weeding in there needing done.

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