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16th October


It is Pumpkin time again.                                                                                                               As I have said in previous newsletters, we lost a very lot of squash plants this year.

We sowed and planted ten thousand squash plants in total, as per usual.

Courgettes we usually harvest around ten cates per day, enough for very one to get courgettes through the whole season, this year we were lucky to harvest two crates per day.

The squash plants, Uchi Kuri, Spaghetti, Bon Bon, and crown prince we usually harvest around one and a half thousand of uchi and spaghetti this year we harvested around five hundred of each, which is better than I thought we were going to get.

Bon Bon and crown prince did not do so well, we only harvested around one hundred Bon Bon and around fifty Crown prince.

We did two trial squash plants, which we harvested hardly any, but I had only done fifty of each to trial them.

And the final one is the Pumpkins.

Every year we usually have around one thousand five hundred.

We stopped giving a pumpkin along with our deliveries a few years ago, as we cannot get them in the vans along with the deliveries. There was just not enough room.

I had a rough count last week and it looks like we have around two hundred and fifty.

But they are huge.

So, we are having a come and pick your own pumpkin day on Sunday the 22nd.

If you do come along be prepared, they are huge.

In the tunnels this week we got our over winter lettuce planted, we have five thousand one red variety and one yellow.

We planted the spring cabbage two weeks ago in the tunnels and all we have left to plant is the Chinese cabbage.

They are a wee bit on the small side just yet, and they will be going in the tunnel after the cucumbers have stopped producing.

The cucumbers have not been that great this year, but they are still producing not a lot but we are getting around one crate a day.

They will be finished soon as we are now getting our first morning frosts.

As soon as they stop, we will pull the plants out, lift the matting and rotovate then get the Chinese cabbage planted.

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