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16th September

This week I was on the van delivering as Neil was on holiday, and it was entertaining trying to follow sat nav instructions.

The first thing I’ll try and remember the next time, is that the sat nav directions can be right (sometimes)

One example was on Tuesday I was in Dundee, I had delivered a customer I hadn’t done before, but I had done the next one I was going to. I put in the post code anyway.

Well the sat nav was sending me in a different direction from where I thought would be quicker, It kept telling me re direct turn right, well I started talking back to it saying I was right (very politely) eventually I did realised I was wrong, is it a sign your going mad when you apologise to a sat nav ?.

One thing Sat Nav’s don’t like are country post codes, according to Garmin some of you stay in a field.

The other thing I noticed was on Friday in Glasgow, Mrs Garmin loved trying to send me up One way streets the wrong way. This did eventually start to agitate me a wee bit, and it was really busy, by this point I getting so frustrated at Mrs Garmin’s voice, that I changed it to Mr Garmin’s voice that was a mistake, he was still trying to put me up one way streets, then telling me to re direct, well it wasn’t my fault, you tried to send me the wrong way up a One way street I would reply (again very politely)At one point I was stuck in traffic lights for so long, I half expected him to pipe up and say, are we nearly there yet.

So eventually I changed it to French, it was great I couldn’t understand what Mrs French Garmin was saying, but it sounded way better, and just followed the arrows on the screen.

Thankfully I’m back in the field this week and I don’t need to listen to Mr or Mrs Garmin, I think I should know where the veg is that needs to be harvested.

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