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17th April

Last weeks job was getting all the tunnels hand weeded.

The temperatures in the tunnels have got quite warm over the last couple of weeks and the crops are growing nicely.

With Erin and Calum being of on school holidays, they had already hand weeded the mixed salad tunnel.

But we still had the two big cosy tunnels to weed.

In these tunnels there is Spring Cabbage and Kohl Rabi, they are open ended tunnels and much bigger, so not as warm.

When we planted the cabbage and Kohl Rabi, we covered them with fleece.

First job was to take the fleece of then go through the plants with the steerage hoe on the Siroma tractor, then hand weeded them.

After we were finished weeding, we re covered them with fleece.

Tunnel weeding will now be a weekly job, right through until September.

The weather for this week is supposed to be warm and no wind.

If it is correct, we will be putting the polythene on the new tunnel.

The new tunnel is not as big as the 90-meter cosy tunnel, but is still 50 meter long and the polythene is 12 meters wide, which takes in, it going over the tunnel hoops.

So, it only takes a wee bit of wind to turn it into a huge kite.

Hopefully we get a couple of hours with zero wind, and Rab and me will have it pulled over and secure enough that the wind can blow a wee bit, and we will be able to finish it off.

As soon as it is sheeted, I will be straight in and get it rotovated then rolled.

And get more mixed salad sown.

I already have the irrigation up and tested, all we need is the polythene on.

We realise there has been issues with the on-line payments.

Unfortunately, it has all been out of our control.

It has been due to new security for card payments.

If anyone still has any problems please get in touch.

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