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17th Agust

Well that’s the kids back to school, and finally, I managed to do a full day’s work during the week without Erin and Calum, it did feel a wee bit strange, they have been helping me out every day since Lock down started.

We did get one cosy tunnel fully planted with the over winter Cauliflower and a bit of the spring Cabbage that I was talking about last week.

The tunnel looks really full of plants, before we used to plant five thousand two hundred plants in the ninety-meter cosy tunnel, that was with the Fergie.

But now with the new compact Siroma we have planted seven thousand eight hundred, that’s an extra two thousand six hundred plants in these tunnels, that’s a massive difference, and will make a huge difference in our growing.

This week we will plant the second cosy tunnel, I did have it rotovated, and was going to roll it on Wednesday morning, and we could get that planted to.

But last week on Tuesday night, we got hit with the huge thunderstorm that the whole country was getting.

And when I went into the tunnel the next morning I sunk up to my knees, it was waterlogged.

But it did mean the newly planted plants got a proper watering in.

And the office was waterlogged, so anyone trying to get though on Wednesday and Thursday might have experienced some problems, all our power kept tripping, eventually after three visits from our electrician, the problem was sorted.

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