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17th February


That’s the first of seeds ordered for the new season, and they arrived at the end of last week, so it’s time to get on with the blocking of the seeds, and get the new growing season under way.

The varieties that I have ordered to get us started are.

Kohl Rabi two thousand five hundred seeds, Spring cabbage four thousand seeds, Lettuce seeds are Derbi, Parinica, Carnarde, socca and Goria, these are all different varieties and a mix of red and green there are four thousand of each, but we will sow them every fortnight and will do two thousand at a time.

Red Onions twenty thousand, White Onions forty thousand, and Runner Leeks fifty thousand.

I will be ordering seeds every month till around the end of July, and the total seeds blocked and direct sown in the ground, usually comes to around one million seeds.

Last week I managed to get the auld Fergie fired up and running, and its sounding really good with its new engine. I will post a photo of it in the next couple of weeks, I am just waiting on the new bonnet and mudguards coming back from getting sprayed, then ill get them on and take a couple of photos.

One really frustrating thing is, why doesn’t the bonnet and mudguards come in Red already, they arrive in a brownish colour, then need to get sprayed Fergie red.

All Fergie 135 tractors for the last 60 years have been Red, there is no other colour that a Fergie 135 comes in, so why not send them out Red ???

There is another job which I am still waiting to start, and that’s putting in new drainage around the tunnels, but with the amount of rain we have been having at the moment, there is no point of even thinking about starting that, the minute I start digging two foot trenches for putting the drains in, I will have a miniature Amazon river.

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