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17th January

 It was a mild week of weather again last week, but what a difference a week makes last Friday the 7th I was in Glasgow delivering as usual, and at times  I was driving in white out conditions, the roads conditions were terrible, But from around 5.30am to 7.30am it was ok.

Because I was the only one on the road.                                                                               Then after 7.30 donkey darby started,  everyone had got up and were starting to try and drive to their work, mayhem.

Cars sliding sideways, backwards doing pirottes it was a bit like dancing on ice.

Me and Breagh were wishing they had all stayed in their house, it was fine and easy going when the roads were quiet.

Luckily by 9am the roads were better and things had returned to normal.

So that was the 7th and last week it was 10 degrees, should be looking the shorts out I thought.

Which brings me to the next point, with the nice mild temperatures, it is very tempting to think about starting to block the seeds and get off to a nice early start, and you can see bulbs starting to come through.

But it is time to sit back and wait, I have been caught out in the past with having a mild January, and have started blocking Leek and Onion seeds, then February through to April can turn and feel like being a deep freeze.

So January it will continue being harvesting and catching up on the odd jobs that get left behind.

When February arrives, we will make a start on blocking the onion seeds, and rotovating the tunnels and get them ready for planting seeds hopefully at the start of March.

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