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17th May


This weeks story starts of on a very sad note.

Last week we lost our very loyal and loving companion Freoch our fifteen year old border collie.

She had a great life on the farm and at home, and was with us everywhere through her whole great life, she will be greatly missed by us all.

On a brighter note, we have eventually started planting in the field.

Although we had to start planting in the wet ground, something you should never do.

All of May has been very wet and cold, and the couple of days of no rain that we have had, hasn’t been warm enough to actually dry the ground out.

But it came to a point that the brassicas crops were needing planted, so last week, I bed formed in moist soil not a good idea.

And then we loaded up our new planter and made a start on getting the field planting stated.

Our new planter is amazing, last year with our old planter, it was taking us twenty minutes to plant a two-hundred-and-fifty-meter row with brassicas plants.

With our new planter it only takes eight minutes.

So with the brassicas in we started on the red onions.

The onions and leeks with our old planter used to take around one hour and fifteen minutes to plant a row, again with the new planter it now only takes twenty minutes.

So if we get a wee break in the weather and get planting this week, we should have all the leeks and onions planted to.

So we were three weeks behind with planting this year with the poor weather, but with the new planter, if we get going this week, we will actually have caught up.

So fingers crossed for a dry week, but unfortunately the forecast looks to be showery again.

Fingers crossed its wrong.


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