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18th April

That’s all the onions and Leeks finally blocked, a total of twenty thousand seeds.

This week Rab will make a start on all of the brassica’s crops.

Then it will be onto the cucumber, courgettes and squash seeds, we sown a total of ten thousand  of these seeds,  we usually try and wait till the End of April to sow these seeds

All of these seeds can not take the cold weather.

Years ago March and into April was unseasonably warm, and like everyone else I was desperate to get started.

Thinking great we will get of to a nice early start, and got all the blocking done a couple of weeks earlier than usual, including all the squash plants.

Well did we not get hit with a cold snap at the beginning of May, and we lost all the squash plants.

So now I just wait till it is the right time to sow.

Onto the new tunnel.

I now have all the metal frame work done, and have made a start at fixing the wooden door frames and the two sets of base rails.

Hopefully things will start to move a wee bit faster now, as the schools are back, so I don’t have Erin and Calum.

So hopefully by next week I will be writing that the tunnel is now ready for getting the polythene put on.

Fingers crossed.

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