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18th December

It's been a cold spell of weather and has you will have probably noticed your veg will be arriving at your door still looking like it's had a trip to the Artic and back, On Monday and Tuesday it was still minus 8 at 8am through the night it was minus 10, but at the end of the week it had risen to a tropical minus 1 almost shorts weather.

So for most of the week we have just spent harvesting, the round cabbage was pretty hard to harvest, because when we cut the cabbage we always take of the outer couple of leaves which never look very nice, but they were frozen solid to the cabbage so it was a case of trying to peel them of, when your doing a couple of hundred every day doing it this way was very time consuming and very cold on the fingers, the kale was pretty easy but very hard to see any danage leaves as they were all white with frost, Then the Leeks well they were never coming out of the ground, it was as if they had been set in concrete, so we had to move away from the mid season leeks and go over to the Late leeks which are much bigger, with doing this we could cut the leek at soil level and because they are so big we are still getting left with plenty of leek, but that was only half of the problem they also need to be dressed, some times three or four outer leaves need to be taken of this was very time consuming, but we did get there in the end and I think this week coming is going to be wee bit warmer. 


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