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18th November


I’m writing the news letter this week and its 9.15pm on Sunday night.  I’m have been harvesting Kale and leeks, for Monday’s deliveries, with a head torch on.

The reason I went to work so late, was that Erin had her 9th birthday party during the day, and I couldn’t miss that.

It was actually pretty good, nice and quite with just me and Freoch (my dog) and the bright light of my headtorch.

The reason for a Sunday night harvesting, was that we have had a forecast of minus 4 tonight, if it is correct, we will struggle to harvest anything till the afternoon, which will be a wee bit to late for Jacqui to start packing for the deliveries, that go out after lunch time on a Monday.

By 5.30pm it was Dark, and when it got proper dark, I got a couple of frights, as Freoch started barking and running, always a sign that someone is there.                                                                                                                   But on further inspection, it was the wildlife coming out at night, it is amazing the number of eyes there are in the field when its dark as I shined my headtorch.

So I spent the evening harvesting and Freoch spent it running around chasing wildlife.

Just one wee note for the end of the newsletter.

Neil was our delivery driver, for most of the deliveries, and he has moved on to another job,

So I will be doing them over the next two weeks, then we have a new Driver called John starting.

So if you have any problems with your delivery, it might have been left at a different place at your house where Neil would normally leave it. Or we might have struggled to find your address with no directions being left.                                                                                                                                                                          Hopefully everything will be ok, but if not please just phone in or Email.

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