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19th August

 It’s almost the time of the year for the start of our Squash, the squash plants are enormous this year with all the wet warm weather.

But with huge plants it isn’t always the best thing for the squash plants, in the past if we get huge healthy plants, it doesn’t always mean that we get a great crop, as all the feeding has gone to the leaves of the plant.

We won’t really know what kind of crop we are going to have till we get in and start harvesting them.

As we will also have seen in your deliveries last week the Beetroot is massive also, another crop that is enjoying this weather.

Out in the field, we have at long last finished of the bed weeding for this year, we might quickly go over any part of the field that looks like it’s getting weedy again, but it is looking pretty good at the moment.

And inside the tunnels, we were starting to rotovate out the beetroot that was in the big cosy tunnel, then the beetroot broke down a burst bearing, so this week it will be a strip down and clean then, fit a new bearing, then get the beetroot rotovated, then roll the bet and plant some golden ball beetroot.

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