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19th February

Last week the 10 thousand spring onion seeds arriving, half red and half normal.

So, we got them blocked and stacked in the greenhouse.

Before we would never have got 10 thousand seeds in the greenhouse.

10 thousand seeds are seventy trays.

And all we had was two tables.

So, we have taken the tables out.

And with pallets made four pallet size shelves.

The two pallets at the back have five shelves.

And the two at the door have seven shelves.

Originally before making them, I thought we might get 12 thousand seeds which is 83 trays in here.

But after finishing them of and getting the ones at the front bigger.

We can now get 16 thousand seeds in the greenhouse, that is 111 trays.

And with the heater in the greenhouse, we can keep the temperature around 10 degrees, which will be good for bringing on plants early.

Out in the field the leeks are still going strong and looking good.

We should have leeks right into April.

And the second batch of over winter cauliflower, has so far survived the hard frosts we have had, and look like they are starting to hearten up.

These are supposed to be ready around March / April and we have 10 thousand, so that will be a good crop to harvest early in the field.

And the plants that we put under the cloche in the small tunnel now all have a couple of leaves, they will probably be needing planted in 3 to 4 weeks.

It is still early and winter can come back with a vengeance, so better not get carried away just yet.

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