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19th March

The early Pandora leeks have germinated at last, they usually do take a wee while anyway but this year they have taken longer than usual, not really surprising with the temperatures that we have been getting.
All the other leeks and onions that we have blocked aren't through yet but shouldn’t be far away, so far we have blocked one hundred and eighty thousand Leeks and Onion seeds, with one hundred thousand still to do these are the late Leeks and a new trial for this year twenty thousand red spring onions and twenty thousand normal spring onions, we have never done spring onions before so hopefully they get a good growing season.
So far the other seeds that we have been blocking have germinated and some aren't far away from needing planted, but they have slowed up a wee bit with the cold temperatures, these seeds are mostly salads and Brassicas seeds.
This week we will be blocking mostly brassicas seeds with with just over one hundred thousand seeds to be done.
The other jobs to be tackled this week are planting the Raspberry canes they have been sitting bunched together and in the soil, but time is wearing on and I’ve been waiting for the weather to heat up, but if I don't get them in before the end of March I’ll be to late for this year, and I have three tunnels all needing new doors made, I managed to get one tunnel done last week, so I’ll try and finish them this week, because we have Spinach seed arriving and these get direct sown in the tunnel.

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