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19th November

At long last we have got the Cucumber tunnel emptied the ground cover matting for the Cucumbers lifted then we got the soil grubbed, rotovated and rolled then made a start on planting the rest of the giant red Celery.
This week we should get all the celery planted and the rest of the spring onions, and that will be all of the four we 60 meter tunnels filled with plants and ready for over the winter, All going well we should have twenty thousand plants ready for harvesting at the beginning of the year. These twenty thousand plants consists of five different varieties of vegetables, so fingers crossed and everything survives the winter, the deliveries at the beginning of the year will get a burst of life when there isn't much available at that time of the year.
One last crop we will be direct sowing very soon is Spinach, this I have done before and it does survive the winter pretty well. But if the temperature does get Arctic cold, we do have the back up of fleece for all of the tunnels, so hopefully that will be enough.
The one crop that will be getting replaced with the spinach is Kohl Rabi. This year I blocked of five thousand red Kohl Rabi seeds really late hoping that we would get a nice harvest of fresh Kohl Rabi just about now.
I knew I was late in sowing it but thought it was worth a trial, the weather hasn't been that cold but they are growing very slow and a lot are still very small and already splitting, this usually only happens when they are getting to large or uneven watering and temperatures. But I think they are just under stress because its so late in the year, we will leave them a wee bit longer but it is looking like they will need to be coming out and Spinach seeds going in.

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