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1st April

Last week I was talking about the green house we were given for free, if we could dismantle it, and take it away the next day.

I was also saying that we had sown Chilli seeds, and they had already germinated.

We then done two hundred Cucumber seeds, and they have already germinated and through, usually I wouldn’t dare start these seeds till the end of April, at the earliest, just incase we get a hard frost, which would kill them all over night.

But the wee heater in the greenhouse seems to be working fine, and the temperature is always around 60 degrees which is over 15 Celsius, these seeds need to be around this temperature to germinate and grow.

It’s all working braw, but now I have a new problem, when I see that the temperature is going to drop, I’m now worried that my heater isn’t going to work, a problem I never had before, when I was starting the seeds at a later date.

So to make my worries even grater, I am going to do half of the Courgette seeds, that will be a thousand seeds and put them in the greenhouse to, but I will still do the remaining thousand courgette seeds at the beginning of May, and it’ll be interesting to see the difference.

I am now going to put in a second heater to ease my worries of the heaters not kicking in, when the temperature does drop, which it did last weekend back into minus 1, and hopefully I’ll stop thinking about it.

The jobs planned for this week are more blocking, Rab is now well onto the brassicas seeds with loads still to be done.

And the first two batches of plants are ready to come out of the blocking tunnels and get planted, I rotovated and rolled three beds on Sunday, so I’ll be hand planting in the cosy tunnel five thousand Kohl Rabi and Five thousand Spring cabbage.

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