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1st April

At this time of the year, we always have two tunnels full of blocked seeds in trays.

These are all the plants ready for planting in the field in May.

There are around two thousand trays.                                                                                                  

And as per usual the weather turns nice and warm, just entering double figures, and we have made a start on planting in the tunnels, we always pull fleece over them.

The reason for the fleece in the tunnels, is usually we get hit again with another cold snap.

Just the weather reminding us spring is not here yet.

And yes, last week we had a couple of days with snow and temperatures just below zero.

And in the Tunnels we already had planted Spring Cabbage and Kohl Rabi, but they were fine and cosy under their fleece.

This week we have Spinach, Rhubi Chard and Lettuce to plant in the tunnels.

But we have two extra helpers, Erin and Calum are on easter school holidays.

By the end of next week all the tunnels should be fully planted.

Then it will be weeding time in the tunnels.

In around four weeks we will be looking at starting to plant out in the field.

The season comes round really quick.



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