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1st August

Last week was a wee bit better for the plants, the field got the rain we were desperately needing.

Its amazing to see the growth in the Leeks and onions with the downpours we had.

The growth in the swede was so much that I can’t get through with the tractor to weed them,

Although they aren’t really needing it now.

Along with the rain it has still been warm, so the courgettes have had a huge growth spurt, with the plants now almost double the size.

Last week we didn’t get much field bed weeding done, or any filed work, as Andrew was on holiday so Rab was out doing his deliveries Monday to Friday.

And Erin, Calum and me were out delivering Wednesday to Friday, so if your veg wasn’t left at the right place, it was one of my two that might have placed in in the wrong place, I pretty much just went to the van door each day, handed them the delivery, and they took it in turns to deliver your veg, easy days delivering for me, but it all took a wee bit longer, and was a lot more expensive than when its only me and Breagh.                                                                We had to have breakfast stops and dinner stops along with taking Breagh for a walk, Thursdays deliveries involved a beach day at St Andrews.

So not too much more to say about farm work this week,

Luckily there was no Farmers market on Saturday, so I spent Saturday with the weeder, and managed to catch up with that job, and on Sunday bed formed some ground for planting an over winter cabbage.

Erin and Calum are going on the planter, as we have two summer holiday field workers away on their holidays.

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