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1st March

At long last my new role as a teacher (head teacher) has almost finished, Calum went back to school om Monday, so now I only have Erin.                                 Erin is in p6, so she can mostly do all her school work by herself, and if she can’t we skip it because it’s to hard for me, so my teacher job now is super easy.

I did however alter her school work for a couple of days last week, as I’m the new head teacher I can.

One was giving Erin, the job of direct sowing three beds of Spinach in one tunnel,

Which she managed perfect gold star.

The second was helping repair the irrigation, then she would stop and start the water pump, as I go from one tunnel to the next, checking if there were any more breakages. Top marks again.

Every winter we take the water pump of and put it in the shed for the winter.

The pump is made of cast, and there is always a wee bit of water still in it, and can freeze and crack very easy.

So when I put it back on, the water system needs bled, then all the irrigation needs checked.

There are always visible breaks, and its just with water still being in the alkathene pipes, these are glued together every 2 meters, and mostly it’s the joined pipe that just separates, or sometimes there can be a wee crack in the pipe, with the winter winds shaking the tunnels.

Now that we have over one hundred thousand seeds blocked in trays, in a tunnel and two other tunnels now direct sown with seeds, we need to start watering, so the irrigation was needing checked and working.

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